The UV 1600/1800 series are developed for precise testing with a stray of light of only 0.05%T. The value is evident from the performance provided every day. The local stand-alone software provides functions of Basic Mode, Quantitative Test and Kinetics and System Utilities.

Data Store Function
The Ram has the capability of saving 200 separate groups of data which can be recalled at any time and most importantly, if a sudden loss of power occurs. Users don't need to write down each test result in the notebook, thus saving time and increasing work efficiency.

Standard Curve Build and Store
Users can build their own standard curve on the screen and save it within the RAM. The curves can be reloaded at any time. Up to 100 curves can be stored.

Coefficient Method
If you know the coefficients of the curve equation, you can input the values and use them to test the samples directly.

Kinetics Test
The Kinetics curve can be displayed in the screen, you can use this function to test the samples and verify the instruments stability.

System Function
The instruments have the ability to calibrate the wavelength accuracy and dark current automatically by choosing the corresponding command in the Utility menu.

Super PC Software (Optional)
The software functions include 1) Kinetics 2) Quantitative Test 3) Wavelength Scan 4) Multi wavelength Test 5) DNA/Protein Test
  • The Milas Deuterium is a world-leading lamp that has a long-lasting service life, high stability and high brightness.


  • The Tungsten lamp also ensures a long service life and high stability on the UV spectrophotometer.


  • The lamps feature pre-aligned design, so there is no need for professional adjustment while replacing a new one. Therefore users no longer need to hire professionals to change or adjust lamps which greatly improve reliability and cuts down on the maintenance expenses.


  • The D2 lamp and the W lamp can be controlled individually to extend the lifetime. You can switch off the D2 lamp when in visible range or switch off the W lamp when in Ultraviolet range.
  • Excellent optical performance


  • Low Stray Light


  • The Stray Light is only 0.05%T which enables the user to decrease the analysis Relative Error greatly.


  • High Wavelength Accuracy


  • Adopt advanced Guide Screw structure, which ensures the wavelength accuracy and repeatability.


  • Outstanding UV and visible region are used with corresponding photometry accuracy of top-grade instruments (NBS930D standard, standard solution), which enables the instrument to be suitable for various quality control.