Raman Spectrometers

We proudly announce a new rugged and fully integrated portable Case Spectroscopy Systems for material identification using Raman technologies.  The StellarCASE-Raman include interior mounting of spectrometer instrumentation pre-configured for “Open & Measure” application, with no additional setup required.  With a simple press of the “Analyze” button instantaneous composition analysis or material match results are displayed on your screen.  The StellarCASEs features an internal main power control system with ON, OFF, & Charge buttons and an 8 hour battery life for portable field applications. Also, includes AC power adapters for use in the laboratory and classroom.


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The StellarCASE-Raman contains an integrated Ramulaser 785nm Raman laser with adjustable power knob. Standard systems are equipped with a TE cooled Raman spectrometer for a detection range of 200-2300cm-1 with options for other ranges or configurations. The system collects your sample’s Raman spectrum and sends the spectral data to a tablet with factory installed SpectraWiz ID Software for spectral matching. Users may create their own sample library from which to search OR they may join our Raman Library Share program to gain access to our Free Raman Database.