Ecotherm Technologies was founded in 2000 as a Canadian Federal Incorporation with a mission of providing engineering products and services that meet the requirements of institutions such as schools, colleges, universities and research laboratories, as well as interactive science museums and centers.

Ecotherm Technologies is dedicated to working on projects that enhance education at all levels, from inspiring students and educators to pursue studies in science and technology, to supporting advanced levels of research. Our vision is to build a strong pool of scientists and engineers who look for solutions that improve the well-being of society.

For scientific institutions, Ecotherm Technologies offers engineering services in evaluating, selecting and supplying laboratory equipment and material used for activities such as testing, precision measurement, calibration and analysis, in areas such as power, electronics, photonics, mechanics, oil and gas. Also we arrange to not only train and educate users on the equipment, but also conduct online education seminars for specific products.

For science centres and museums, we facilitate the initial planning and conceptual design stage, organize training for the operators and science instructors on site and in North America, arrange for the installation of exhibits equipment and materials, then translate technical data and operating manuals to the customer's language of preference.

Ecotherm Technologies' engineering support team can address all your needs within the scope of science and technology. For more than 10 years, we have been growing in the Canadian market, and have developed technological control products for operational safety and energy saving.

Ecotherm Technologies has offices in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, Canada with professional engineering staff and an experienced management team, also offices in Iraq and USA.

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