Raman Spectrometers

Raman Spectrometer Features

  • Low cost - Ruggedized - High performance
  • Shock proof - Permanently aligned optics
  • Standard Fiber interface to Raman probes
  • SpectraWiz Software and SDK included Free
  • Simple USB2 interface to Netbook & PC’s
  • Suitable for lab, process, or field applications


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  • Our Raman spectrometers are ruggedized miniature spectrometers configured specifically for Raman spectroscopy applications using 785nm lasers
  • Enhanced optics allow for extreme sensitivity and extra low stray light values down to 0.05%
  • High Resolution models available down to 4 cm - 1 with options for maintaining S/N with TEC cooling
  • Compact size & seriously Rugged for portable and field applications. Metal enclosures are extremely durable!



Raman configured spectrometers




Raman Spectrometry Accessories

Ramulaser Portable Laser Accessory

  • 785nm Laser attaches to our Raman probe via standard FC/APC connector
  • Battery powered in Ruggedized metal case
  • Raman Laser line 0.2nm FWHM over 50-100 deg F
  • Power Adjust to 499mWatt max output power


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  • 785nm Laser configured with 1⁄2” vial holder in place of FC/APC connector (not shown)
  • Screw top vials handle both liquid and powder and small solids such as pills
  • Small size integrating sphere 2x4x6 inch with 2x2x2 inch with SMA 905 fiber connector output to spectrometer
  • RamuLaser includes power adjustment dial for operation in step increments to the highest 499mW output power


  • Connects to 785nm Laser accessory via FC/APC fiber optic connector and spectrometer via SMA 905
  • Rigid probe length is 100mm with integrated Raman filters for 200 cm-1 and f/2 collection optics
  • Excitation fiber is 100um diameter and read fiber to spectrometer is 600um core diameter
  • Probe diameter is 4mm with 2 meter fiber length and has laser blocking switch for simple reference
  • Integrated filters for laser line (with O.D. > 6) and notch filter to remove quartz spectral contributions
  • Working distance to sample is 4.5mm with field depth of +/- 1mm for penetration of sample containers Includes probe holder for solids like pills or vials (1⁄2 inch diameter with lids) for liquids and powders



Descriptions for Raman Spectroscopy Accessories